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No matter what type of event you are planning, good food is one of the key ingredients for a successful party. It’s not only the food that you should consider when hiring a caterer, service is important as well. Make sure that there is a reasonable proportion between the number of waiters and the number of guests so that the buffet is constantly being replenished, the plates are cleared and served quickly, and your guests feel pampered by the catering staff. Don’t accept standard menus if you are not happy with the food selections, you can always ask for substitutions to suit your tastes and preferences. However, do take into account that caterers generally revolve menus around their specialty dishes, and listen to the caterer's recommendations--they know best what gets eaten and what doesn't.

The caterers on www.celebrateisrael.com all bring good reputations and years of experience to the table, so check them all out and choose the one who appeals to you and your family. If you need additional help, please feel free to contact us at Celebrate Israel.  

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