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Rabbinate Pre-Wedding Requirements

All weddings in Israel must go through the Rabbinate.  The Rabbinate basically wants to know two things about the bride and groom; that they are both halachically Jewish, and that they are both single.  Here is more or less what you will need to provide:

• Both passports
• Three passport size pictures each
• Letter from a Rabbi or a well known Yeshiva or organization, either abroad or in Israel, attesting to the fact that the bride and groom are Jewish and single.  If you have your parents’ Ketubah, bring that along too.
• You may need to bring male witnesses to testify that you are single.
• A letter from a Rabbi stating that both bride and groom have learned the laws of ritual purity.
• A marriage fee

For more information (in Hebrew), please go to  http://www.religions.gov.il/marriage.html  The information that we provided was general information and should be verified with the proper authorities.  If you are looking for an English speaking Rabbi in Israel to help you through this process, contact us and we will put you in contact with one as a public service.


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