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Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist—What to Bring on the Big Day

·  Wedding ring/s
·   Ketubah/pens
·   2 wine goblets and trays
·   Glass for breaking if the hall doesn’t provide it
·   List of kibbudim (brachot under the chuppah, benching)
·   Printed cards (large print) with sheva brachot
·   Candles, holders, matches for walking down the aisle
·   Seating chart
·   List of phone numbers (Rabbi, service providers, family members)
·   Kittel for groom
·   An extra shirt for the groom
·   List of everyone’s jobs and responsibilities
·   Any paperwork required for the Rabbinate
·   A box to hold jewelry taken off by the bride
·   A package of baby wipes for quick cleaning
·   Safety pins
·   Needle and thread
·   Amenities baskets for the women’s bathrooms
·   Bride’s hair covering for after the wedding
·   Tips for the waiters (usually cash)

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