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Israel Wedding Planning Guide

Within the first few weeks of engagement:
1.  Set a date
2.  Set a budget
3.  Book a hall/caterer
4.  Book a band
5.  Choose a photographer
6.  Research Rabbinate marriage requirements
7.  Make up a preliminary guest list
8.  Start compiling address list
9.  Send a preliminary “save the date” invitation so that people can make appropriate travel/work/school arrangements
10. Check to make sure that your passports are valid
11. Make travel arrangements for yourselves and your families

3-4 months before the wedding:
1. Choose wedding ring/s
2. Choose wedding dress
3. Choose a florist/decorator
4. Order invitations
5. Finalize guest list
6. Begin learning halachot that pertain to marriage
7. Order custom kippot for the wedding party
8. Choose a ketubah
9. Make honeymoon/touring plans

~6 weeks before the wedding:
1. Send out invitations and track responses
2. Arrange for final bridal gown fittings
3. Buy clothing and accessories for the groom
4. Organize Shabbat Chatan/Sheva Brachot
5. Choose a hair stylist and make-up artist
6. Arrange trial make-up and hair session for the bride
7. Finalize menu with the caterer
8. Order gift baskets for hotel guests or hostess gifts
9. Rent a car/choose a driver

2 weeks before the wedding:
1. Call people who did not RSVP to see if they are coming
2. Give a song list to the band if you have preferences

One week before the wedding:
1. Make a manicure appointment
2. Confirm with the Rabbi and all service providers
3. Prepare placecards and seating arrangements
4. Give final numbers to the caterer
5 .Go over the event schedule with the hall coordinator
6. Pick up wedding gown if you haven’t already
7. Pack a bag with everything that you need to take with you on the day of the wedding (you’ll keep adding to it!)

One day before:
1. Bring placecards, seating plan, benchers, and party favors to the hall
2. Get a good night’s sleep!!



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