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Making a Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel

You’re driving to the Kotel--where do you park?? 

1.  The Carta (paid) Parking Lot is located right outside Jaffa Gate.
2. The Mamilla (paid though 1st hour is free) Parking Lot is right outside Jaffa Gate.
3.  The Givati (free) Parking Lot is located outside of Dung Gate opposite the entrance to Ir David.
4.  The Har Zion Parking Lot is for buses only.  They do ticket you if you park there...

5.  Next to the Har Zion lot where Shulchan David used to be is a municipal lot with paid parking. 

How to get permission to drive your car into the Kotel Plaza: 

If  you have guests with limited mobility and would like to drive your car directly into the Kotel plaza, here’s what you do:

Call this number 02-626-9222 and give them the following information:

• the date of the event
• the reason why you need to drive into the Kotel plaza
• # of cars
• Car license plate #
• Car make
• Driver's name

Call the afternoon before the event to make sure they approved your request.  Be aware that the police will check the underside of your car with a mirror as a safety precaution.  The Kotel plaza itself is wheelchair accessible.

 How to reserve a spot at the Kotel:

• Get to the kotel a little while before you have invited your guests to arrive.
• Move a table to a convenient location—if you put it in the back of the men’s section, then women can have a better view.
• Go into the indoor shul at the left side of the men's section, to get the Sefer Torah. There should be a few Sifrei Torah; and even if they are all in use, weekday Torah reading takes only a few minutes and you can just wait for a different minyan to finish and hand off the Torah to you.

An alternative to the Kotel at the big plaza, is the Kotel HaKatan, which is a continuation of the larger Kotel, located toward the Moslem quarter and much more private.

Do you want help with the arrangements and information on Kotel Tunnel Tours?

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation provides volunteer assistance with making a Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel.  They can also help you set up a Kotel Tunnel Tour, and they provide information upon request on how your child can lead the Tunnel Tour. http://english.thekotel.org/content.asp?Id=110

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