Initial Stage

Our process begins with a phone conversation, where we listen to your ideas, your concept, your thoughts, and your vision. Nothing is more important to us than making sure that your event is planned and executed exactly as you envision it, and that it fulfills and even exceeds your expectations. The first step toward this is communication, which is the basis of the excellent relationship that we maintain with our clients. Once we have a clear picture and understanding of what is important to you, what you want your event to look like, how much you expect to spend, how you want your event to run, and how to tailor your event to make it unique and especially suited for you, we move forward with the planning stage. At this point, we send out an event planning checklist that will help you focus on the details.

Planning Stage

This is the stage where we find venues and vendors who best match your vision and your budget. We don’t rest until we find you exactly what you are looking for. We negotiate contracts for you and take care of the bookings. We can also help with accommodations, transportation, touring, and anything else that you may need surrounding your event.

Follow Up Stage

This is where we remind you of all open items that still need to be completed or decided upon (menu, benchers, transportation, etc.)

Final Stage

As your event approaches, we create an event summary and a budget for your review to make sure that all of the information and the details that we have discussed and agreed upon with you are completely accurate, and that nothing has been inadvertently overlooked. We then use this event summary to create a work plan that we send to the venue, caterer, etc., so that every single item is written down precisely and our expectations are clearly stated in advance, leaving no room for misunderstanding. We make sure that this work plan is confirmed by all parties prior to your event. We also work with you on creating an event schedule so that everything is carefully timed in a way that maximizes your event to the fullest. We confirm all vendors, make sure that everyone who is working at your event has the schedule so they know how things will run, and we take care of any last-minute logistics and details. We can prepare and deliver hospitality packages to your guests as well.

The Big Day

On the day of your event, we arrive well in advance to make sure that everything is set up, in place, and coordinated as per your wishes and specifications. Throughout the event, we are attentive to every detail, large and small, to ensure that your event runs smoothly and that everyone is having a wonderful time. We are there as support in any way that you need us. We are calm and professional, and our service is personal and friendly. You can implicitly trust us to run your event exactly as you wish. We work tirelessly throughout your event, staying until the very end, even taking care of the payments on your behalf if you wish, so that you are free to enjoy the end of your simcha and say goodbye to your guests.